Ultimate Beneficial Owner services (UBO)

Ultimate Beneficial Owner services

Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) register represents a series of national local reporting requirements worldwide. UBO registers aim to consolidate information about physical persons who run or own legal entities.

UBO requirements are not the same in the different countries, making it complicated for international enterprises who need to comply to the place they operate in. Also, world COVID-19 situation put business and traveling between country to country upfronts of difficult international challenge.

What New Business solutions (NBS) can we do for you?

We can take care of UBO reporting requirements, allowing you to get on with running your business as providing.

Our work includes:

UBO – We provide well educated, responsible people who speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

Initial status review – We identify and review initial information that has to be registered with the local authorities.

Registration – We collect required UBO information, and register it with the relevant authorities.

Deregistration – In case of UBO (information) changes, we deregister the information with the relevant authorities.

Annual and per event review – We review the corporate ownership structure and validate results against information registered with the local authorities.

Accounting services – We take care for local UBO’s legal entities accounting and reports and balance submitting

MOSS – We take care of submitting reports and calculations in the International MOSS system

Why NBS?

Due to variable definitions, reporting requirements and timeframes across countries, world compliance can be difficult. NBS can guide and support you and your business. We are able to take care of your UBO tasks, allowing you to focus on running your business.