The price include monthly accountancy on company without VAT registration and closing balance for up to 80 documents for financial year. The price are prepaid in advance per year.


The service includes: Company formation, lawyer’s fees, one stamp,
Certificate of good standing in Bulgarian, state fees.


The service includes:

  • an official address for tax matters, which will be visited by the National Revenue Agency authorities in connection with the VAT registration, and by other public authorities on any matters.
  • receiving any documents for the company from clients, suppliers and public authorities.
  • using our company emails for tax authority communications

The Foreign Company Branch is part of a certain foreign company and is considered an extension of that company, not a separate legal entity. It does not possess its own capital but it must have its own property or assets. Managers and an address in Bulgaria are required. The foreign company’s head office bears the ultimate responsibility for any liabilities arising due to acts of commission or omission of the Bulgarian branch.


General partnership is a company set up by unlimitedly and jointly liable partners, who are liable for the entity`s obligations with their personal property. This kind of company does not have its own capital. Minimum two partners of any country are required.


The Joint stock company consists of limitedly liable shareholders only. The minimum capitalis BGN 50 000 (approx. EUR 25 000) and is divided in shares. This kind of company can provide additional financial resources for its activities by selling obligations.


The Limited partnership is formed by limitedly and unlimitedly liable partners. At least one unlimited liable partner is required. No minimum capital is required. The name of the LP must contain the name of at least one of the unlimitedly liable partners.


The price include monthly accountancy and VAT returns for up to 10 documents** per month prepaid for 1 year and free tax advising.


The partnership limited by shares, or PLS, is a company governed by limitedly and unlimitedly liable partners. At least one unlimitedly liable partner and no less than three limitedly liable partners are required. The capital must at least BGN 50 000 (approx. EUR 25 000).


The service includes: opening current accounts in different currencies for new Bulgarian
companies or for individuals, issuing a bank cards and activate it online banking for clients in English.