Blue card

The advantage of the EU Blue card procedure is that the Bulgarian authorities may give permission for highly qualified employment (which is a prerequisite for the EU Blue card) for three years. Hence, after the initial arrangement of the immigration status of the individuals only the EU Blue card has to be renewed on an annual basis. There would be no procedure before the Employment Agency for a period of three years under certain conditions. Please note that the individuals would have to sign Bulgarian employment contracts.

The EU blue card procedure would be feasible, if the individuals meet certain education and salary grade requirements:

1. A valid University diploma received from an accredited institution of higher education as per the respective country’s legislation upon completion of a regular course of study not less than three years;

2. Gross salary as per the future employment contract in Bulgaria has to be at least 1.5 times higher than the average working salary in Bulgaria for the last 12 months preceding the date of signing the contract.

Please find below our fee quotation regarding the immigration procedures:

  • Assistance for obtaining a permission for highly qualified employment: EUR 1000;
  • Assistance for obtaining a Bulgarian long-term visa D: EUR 200;
  • Assistance for obtaining an EU Blue card: EUR 300.

Government and notary fees, official translations and legalizations – EUR 550

The scope of services would include:

  • Preparation of letters of advice for completion of each step (employment permission, visa, EU Blue card), tailored as per the respective individual’s circumstances;
  • Preparation of draft documents on behalf of the client, inclusive assistance with the mandatory market test where applicable;
  • Arranging for the official translation and legalization by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for documents prepared abroad;
  • Submission of the application for highly qualified employment to the Bulgarian Employment Agency;
  • Assistance for the residence permit (EU Blue card) procedure and accompanying during isits to the immigration office (if the individuals would be based in Sofia); and
  • Communication with the government officials until the authorities reach a decision on the submitted applications.