Company changes

During the existence of an organization there is often a need for various changes. Here is how we can help you:


  • Changing the managing and controlling bodies;
  • Changing the registered address;
  • Authorization of procurator;
  • Pledge of company shares;
  • Garnishment of company shares;
  • Transfer of commercial enterprise;
  • Increasing or decreasing the company capital;
  • Change of the company name;
  • Branch establishment and registration;
  • Pledge of a commercial enterprise;
  • Transformation of legal entities through merger, take-over, splitting, spinning off, changing their legal form, or by transferring property to the shareholder;
  • Leaving or expulsion of a shareholder
  • Transferring company shares or change of the shareholder.

Apart from the above changes we can also help you with:


  • Publishing annual financial statements into the Commercial Register;
  • Announcing acts into the Commercial Register;
  • Issuing certificates by the Commercial Register and duplicates of documents from the company files.