Accounting services

Business activity / documents per month Up to 10 docs /month 20 docs /month 30 docs /month 40 docs /month 50 docs /month
Business in the field of services/with goods and tangible assets 100 EUR 120 EUR 150 EUR 160 EUR 170 EUR
Business activity / documents per month 60 docs /month 70 docs /month 80 docs /month 90 docs /month 100 docs /month
Business in the field of services/with goods and tangible assets 180 EUR 190 EUR 200 EUR 220 EUR 240 EUR
  • These prices are valid only in case that the fee is prepaid on quarterly base.
  • If the number of the documents increases the fee will be fixed based on the price list.


Notes about the price:

1) As documents are considered income and expense invoices, as well as bank statements;

2) The prices are in EUR per month, excl. VAT. The fee is paid monthly in BGN under exchange rate of BGN 1.95583 for 1 euro. VAT is charged on top of the price, which is deducted from the monthly result (it remains for the company and the client do not lose the VAT paid). If the client had no sales to deduct the tax from, the VAT is refunded by the state.

3) The documents above are the maximum number for the month. The accounting service fee is charged even in the cases where there were no accounting documents, because there are declarations submitted to the National Revenue Agency and accounting journals that have to be prepared, including for the months during which the company had no activities. This also applies in the cases where there are more than the maximum number of documents during certain months, and they will be processed with no additional charges.

The price includes:

1) Preparation on documents for VAT registration – EUR 50;

2) Issue a VAT documents for registration in English – EUR 100;

3) Opening the bank/s account in local bank with company bank card and online banking instead of the client with POA from representative of accounting company – 200 EUR.

4) Tax consultations with a tax expert from NRA – EUR 60/hour;

5) Drafting annual balance sheet and income statement in English language – EUR 25;

6) Additional monthly reports or balances asked from clients – EUR 50;

7) INTRASTAT – submitting documents to the electronic system INTRASTAT for intra-community exchange of goods within the EU after exceeding the statistical threshold – EUR 40 per month for the months in which documents are submitted;

8) OSS – (One stop Shop) registration – EUR100

9) OSS – quarterly reports – for up to 100 documents – EUR 100

10) Preparation for tax audits and inspections outside the period of accounting services of accounting company with individual agreement depending on the volume and term of the audited period. This option applies for tax audit for example;

11) Audit consultations and certifications of annual financial statements by a registered auditor by the International Accounting Standards – implemented on a special offer.

12) Tax defense before the court in case of appealing of acts of NRA – implemented on a special offer.

13) Preparation on documents for inspection for VAT refund – EUR 50;

14) Tax address – 50,00 EUR/monthly if it is prepaid by year the tax address will be cost 360 EUR yearly.

15) Hiring staff is not including in that offer it will be charge additionally – 20 EUR monthly per employee.

16) Assistance for bank account opening and notary issues from representative of the accounting services office – 25 EUR

17) Annual reports announcement in the National Trade Register – 80 EUR.

18) Lawyer fees and government fees for changing the tax address – 170 EUR.

*Note: The prices do not include VAT. 20% VAT shall be charged additionally on top of the price.