Monitoring and company investigation

Receive crucial information for your business by company monitoring and investigation with our help. We have access to some of the most detailed databases for company investigations. What can we do:


  • Collect information from specialised systems for various circumstances like solvency, debts or the financial results of the company, entries and erasures in the company’s file in the Commercial Register;
  • Track changes in a certain company and automatically notify you in real time about change of name, managers, transfers of shares, distraints, liquidation; bankruptcy, etc.;
  • Physical investigation of whether a certain company is located at a given address;
  • Collecting information about credit and other history of the company and its representatives;
  • Provide you with the tools to check, confirm and verify the information and the ID documents of the natural persons, and thus you can prevent fraud;

The information we collect can help you analyse the situation, find the best solution in a certain case, take measures to minimise the risk, identify additional profit options.