Ready Made Companies

2020 put the world in a very hard period. All businesses during the period of COVID-19 and world quaranies were in crize. Traveling and making international business are becoming difficult challenges for people. With new EU regulations against the money laundering banks start open companies and individual bank accounts for foreigners and foreigners owners after bigger research and long procedure connected with a lot of documents and additional fees.”Ready made” companies became a product which speeds up all these processes and saves clientes time and traveling.The ready made companies we offer are the perfect solution for those of you to which time is of the essence. Purchasing a VAT registered ready made company, will save 4-5 weeks, which is the time necessary to register a new company plus the time needed for VAT registration. Furthermore, besides time, by purchasing a ready made company you will save money, because for newly registered companies all application forms for VAT registration must be certified by a notary abroad and after that translated in and legalized in Bulgaria. There is no such requirement when purchasing a ready made company, because it already has a VAT registration. The companies we offer have never traded before, they have no debts or liabilities attached, all requirements for establishing the company, VAT maintenance and VAT registration have been met, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our package includes:

  • Ready made company (Limited liability company);
  • VAT registration;
  • Opening company bank account with e-banking in a Bulgarian bank;
  • Registered and mailing address for 1 year with scanning letters / mail forwarding;
  • Transfer of the company to the new shareholder;
  • Translation of all company documents into English;
  • Apostilles on the Certificate of incorporation and the Articles of Association;
  • Creation of a company stamp;
  • DHL delivery of the set of documents.



Services included in the price

  • Ready made company (Limited liability company)
  • VAT registration
  • Opening bank accounts with a Bulgarian bank
  • Registered and mailing address
  • Transfer of the company to the new shareholder
  • Translation of the company documents in English
  • Obtaining Apostilles on the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association
  • Creation of a company stamp
  • DHL delivery of the set of documents

Price of the included services   Price: 3300,00 EUR

Optional services

  • Provision nominee director and shareholder (1300,00 EUR/1500,00 EUR / per year)
  • Obtaining an EORI number (100,00 EUR)
  • Designing a company logo (80,00 EUR)
  • Internet domain registration .bg (40,00 EUR / per year)
  • Providing a Bulgarian landline number (20,00 EUR)
  • Accounting services (100,00 EUR/per months)

Required documents

The documents required for transferring the company in your name are as follows:

  • Valid international or domestic passport or national ID card of each of the directors (and owner, provided those are different individuals);
  • Notary certified agreement for sale-purchase of company shares;
  • Notary certified specimen signature of the new director of the company.

After you submit an order and send your scanned passport, we will fill out all documents with your personal information, including your specimen signature and the agreement for sale-purchase of company shares and will send them to you together with detailed instructions so you can read and sign them.

Notary certifications can be carried out in every Bulgarian consulate, or if there is no Bulgarian consulate at your location, the notary certification may be carried out by any foreign notary.

If the notary certification is carried out by a foreign notary, or if the new owner of the Bulgarian company shall be a foreign legal entity, please contact us for more information, because the requirements are different for the different countries.