Why Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria avoids double taxation thanks to Double Taxation Treaties with 71 countries all over the world.
  • The Bulgarian legalization for taxation is made to be optimum to foreign investors and the income tax regime is most of the lowest in EU – 10% and withholding tax on dividends is just 5%;
  • EU law has been implemented in most of the Bulgarian legislation;
  • The bank system is one of the most stable in Europe and the Bulgarian lev (BGN) is pegged to the Euro since 1998 – 1 ЕURO = 1.95583 BGN. The biggest European banks are represented in Bulgaria. This is excellent for the organization of banking and E-banking.
  • Bulgaria has the most competitive cost of labor in the EU. Salary is paid on monthly basis and contracted on gross amount. Apart from the most competitive salary levels in the EU, the country offers highly qualified, multilingual employees;
  • Bulgaria has low inflation, low-cost, very affordable rents, perfect value for real estate.

For whole company formation in Bulgaria, there are requirements for local tax address and local accountancy. Corporate flat tax rate is 10% for all Bulgarian companies.